Hanson Tour History

Total number of Hanson shows performed*: 1341 (Upcoming shows: 12)
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Albertane Tour

Hanson's debut tour was "The Albertane Tour" named after the fictional Martian city in the song "Man From Milwaukee". Originally only 10 dates, a second leg was later added bringing the grand total to 36 shows. The tour was announced on April 27, 1998 and kicked off June 9, 1998 in Paris. International dates included: Paris, Cologne, London, Montreal and Toronto. The tour made 2 stops in the band's hometown of Tulsa, OK. Notable venues included Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO.

Number of Dates: 36
Associated Album: Middle of Nowhere
Songs first performed: Thinking of You, MMMBop, Weird, Speechless, Where's the Love, Look At You, I Will Come To You, A Minute Without You, Madeline, With You In Your Dreams, Man From Milwaukee, River, Soldier, Stories, Sometimes
Covers performed: Gimme Some Lovin / Shake A Tail Feather, Good Lovin', Money, Summertime Blues, Sunshine Of Your Love, Magic Carpet Ride, Living on Tulsa Time
Unreleased songs performed: Ever Lonely, More Than Anything
Openers: Admiral Twin and Baha Men (on select dates)
Special Guest: John Popper

This Time Around Tour

Hanson's second tour was The This Time Around Tour to promote their sophomore release. The tour kicked off in July 2000 in their hometown of Tulsa, OK and took them around the US and also to Mexico and South America. Certain live performances of the song "A Song to Sing" included the "glassy surface" verse, a poem that was included in the This Time Around album artwork.

Number of Dates: 56
Associated Album: This Time Around
Songs first performed live: Lucy, You Never Know, If Only, This Time Around, Runaway Run, Save Me, Dying to Be Alive, Can't Stop, Wish That I Was There, Love Song, Sure About It, Hand in Hand, In The City, A Song to Sing, Lonely Again, I Don't Know, Smile, Beautiful Eyes, Bridges of Stone
Covers performed: Piece of My Heart, Can't Always Get What You Want, Magic Carpet Ride, Sunshine of Your Love, I Want You To Want Me, Summertime Blues, Gimme Some Lovin', Money, Johnny B Goode, Kate, Crosstown Traffic
Unreleased songs performed: Smile, I Don't Know, Lonely Again (bonus tracks on some TTA releases), Beautiful Eyes, Bridges of Stone
Openers: Neve, Michelle Branch, M2M
Special Guests: John Popper

Underneath Acoustic Tour

After being out of the public eye for several years while dealing with leaving their record label and starting up their own independent label, 3CG Records, Hanson was BACK with an acoustic album that was a pre-release of the album Underneath that would be released the following year. This tour consisted of 37 dates, with one show being postponed in Toronto, Canada due to a brown out in New York. Notable venues include Carnegie Hall in New York City November 5. The November 11th show at the House of Blues was also recorded for a limited theatrical run and a DVD release. This tour was also the first to introduce the solo performances, where each band member would perform a song solo on stage at select dates.

Number of Dates: 37
Associated Album: Underneath Acoustic
Songs first performed live: Love Somebody to Know, Strong Enough to Break, Penny and Me, Underneath, Misery, Lost Without Each Other, When You're Gone, Broken Angel, Deeper, Crazy Beautiful, Hey, Believe, Lullabelle
Covers performed: Teach Your Children, Rip it Up, Dirrty, Love Me, Summertime Blues, Money, Gonna Make You Love Me, Ain't No Sunshine
Unreleased songs performed: Rock N Roll Razorblade, Need You Now, Being Me, Call Me, Never Let Go, Next Train, So Lovely, Tightrope (Zac solo later found out to be titled, "The Walk"), One More
Openers: Teitur

Underneath Tour (2004)

Underneath was Hanson's first fully independent international tour. The tour kicked off in the US in July 2004 and also brought them to Canada, Denmark, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Two shows in Florida were canceled due to a hurricane.

Number of Dates: 66
Associated Album: Underneath
Songs first performed live: Dancing in the Wind, Get Up And Go, Go
Covers performed: Optimistic, Gimme Some Lovin', Ain't No Sunshine, Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours, It's a Long Way To The Top, Magic Carpet Ride, Love Me, Feelin' Alright, Honey Bee, The Weight, Trust Me
Unreleased songs performed: Dream Girl, Next Train, Tightrope/The Walk, Being Me, Need You Now, Call Me, Beautiful Eyes, Cried, Rock N Roll Razorblade, Never Let Go
Openers: Michael Tolcher, Maria Mena, Ingram Hill, Ben Jelen, Tyler Hilton, Brandi Carlile, Sandra McCraken, Square One, Tiffany Wood, Bleu, Iya Villana

Underneath Tour (2005)

In 2005, Hanson continued to tour supporting their independent album, Underneath, internationally hitting up Mexico, South America, Europe and Australia - with one US date in their hometown of Tulsa, OK for Mayfest and one in Sayreville, NJ. A live album was recorded in Melbourne, Australia that would be released later in the year.

Number of Dates: 31
Associated Album: Underneath
Songs first performed live: Covers performed: Ain't No Sunshine, Rip It Up, Optimistic, It's a Long Way To The Top, In A Little While, Love Me, Gimme Some Lovin', Magic Carpet Ride, Livin on Tulsa Time
Unreleased songs performed: Need You Now, Rock N Roll Razorblade, Never Let Go, Someone, Next Train, Being Me, So Lovely
Openers: Zinc, Gibbler
Special Guests: Emma Daumas, Leon Russell & Steve Ripley

Live & Electric Tour

After the release of their live album, Hanson toured in Fall 2005 to promote it. In addition, they were playing their documentary, "Strong Enough to Break" at various local colleges as well as performing small mini acoustic sets at each college stop. For this tour, they held a competition to have a local band win to open for them at each date. A full listing of the openers for each date can be found on the 2005 tour page. Two Florida shows were canceled due to Hurricane Wilma.

Number of Dates: 25
Associated Album: Live & Electric
Songs first performed live: Run Rudolph Run, Everybody Knows the Claus
Covers performed: Desire, Long Train Runnin', Feelin Alright, Change In My Life, It's a Long Way To The Top, Ain't No Sunshine, Sweet Home Chicago
Unreleased songs performed: In A Way, So Lovely, Being Me, Every Word I Say, Down, Dream Girl
Openers: Pat McGee Band, Averi, Local openers

The Walk Tour (2007)

In March of 2007, before The Walk was released in the US, Hanson did a 4 show "Preview Tour" with dates in NJ, CT, PA and NY. In April 2007 The Walk Tour kicked off in Europe before coming back to the US in July of 2007. The Fall leg of the tour introduced the concept of "The Walk" where fans were invited to take a 1 mile barefoot walk around the area of the venue with the band to raise awareness. The local opener competition continued, and for the full list of shows openers please see the 2007 tour page. Three shows on this tour were canceled - in Tulsa, OK, Kansas City, MO and St Louis, MO due to Isaac being hospitalized with a blood clot in his arm.

Number of Dates: 62
Associated Album: The Walk
Songs first performed live: Great Divide, Been There Before, Georgia, Your Illusion, Blue Sky, Running Man, Something Going Round, Watch Over Me, Tearing It Down, Fire On The Mountain, Yearbook, Got a Hold On Me, I've Been Down, White Christmas
Covers performed: Feelin Alright, Change In My Life, Peace Train, Desire, Ain't No Sunshine, Hole In My Life, Let Love Rule, Never Been To Spain, Long Train Runnin, Oh Darling, Joy To The World, It's a Long Way To The Top
Unreleased songs performed: I've Been Down, The Ugly Truth, Live Forever, On The Rocks, Call Me, Every Word I Say, In A Way, Need You Now, Leave the Light On, Never Let Go, Got a Hold On Me
Openers: Keaton Simons, Locksley, Ingram Hill, Everybody Else
Special Guests: Pat McGee Band

The Walk Tour (2008)

The Walk Tour continued into early 2008 with a 20 show leg during April & May. The pre-show walks with the band continued as well.

Number of Dates: 20
Associated Album: The Walk
Songs first performed live: Coming Back For More, Everyday, You're Enough, Song for Jim (during SKs set)
Covers performed: Never Been To Spain, Hole In My Life, Change in My Life, Oh Darling, Let Love Rule, Let's Get It On, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Joy To The World, It's a Long Way To The Top, Peace Train, Ain't No Sunshine, In A Little While, Magic Carpet Ride, Money
Unreleased songs performed: The Ugly Truth, Never Let Go, Everyday, Coming Back For More, You're Enough, Song for Jim
Openers: Kate Voegele, SK6ers

Walk Around the World Tour

In the Fall of 2008 Hanson released the 'Take The Walk EP' which contained 5 tracks. From September to mid-November they toured the US and Canada promoting The Walk and the new Take The Walk EP.

Number of Dates: 44
Associated Album: Take The Walk EP
Songs first performed live: Follow Your Lead, Where Did It Start, Hope It Comes Soon, Lay Me Down, Take Our Chances, National Anthem, Bad Solution
Covers performed: Change In My Life, Never Been To Spain, Love Me, Use Me, I Want To Take You Higher, Oh Darling, Black Hearted Woman, Soulshine
Unreleased songs performed: Coming Back For More, Every Day, On The Rocks, The Ugly Truth, Being Me, Need You Now, Never Let Go, Leave the Light On, Cried, Take Our Chances, Next Train, Bad Solution
Openers: Everybody Else, The Veronicas, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz

Use Your Sole Tour

The Use Your Sole Tour was a co-headlining tour with Hellogoodbye, however unlike traditional co-headlining tours when each band alternates who closes out the night, Hanson was always the last band on stage. This tour was announced July 22, 2019 and kicked off in late September. This tour was to help promote the band's latest EP, Stand Up, Stand Up, which was recorded live in Tulsa at a Member's Only Event in May and contained tracks that would later end up on the Shout It Out album.

Number of Dates: 32
Associated Album: Stand Up, Stand Up EP
Songs first performed live: World's On Fire, Carry You There, Waiting For This, Use Me Up, These Walls
Covers performed: Hard To Handle , Don't Stop Believing, Cecelia, Long Train Runnin', My Girl, I Want You To Want Me, Sweet Home Chicago, Oh Darling, Sweet Home Alabama, Livin On A Prayer, Gimme Some Lovin', De Colores, Thriller, Hold On I'm Coming, Twist and Shout
Unreleased songs performed: Got a Hold On Me, Never Let Go, Cried, Being Me, Everyday, Dream Girl
Openers: HelloGoodbye, Steel Train, Sherwood
Special Guests: Bun E Carlos and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick

5 of 5

Though not a traditional tour, 5 of 5 was a residency of sorts at New York City's Gramercy Theater in April 2010 and London's Kings College Student Union Theater in June 2011. For each of the five nights Hanson would play one of their albums in its entirety, finishing the 5th night with the debut of the new album, Shout It Out. The New York series was announced December 18, 2009.

Number of Dates: 10
Associated Album: Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk, Shout It Out
Songs first performed live: Thinking 'Bout Somethin', Kiss Me When You Come Home, Give a Little, Make It Out Alive, Musical Ride, Voice in the Chorus, Me Myself and I
Covers performed: Never Been To Spain, Shake a Tail Feather, Gimme Some Lovin', Change In My Life, Hold On I'm Coming
Unreleased songs performed: None
Openers: None

Shout It Out Tour

The first and second legs of the Shout It Out tour was announced on April 26, 2010 with Leg 1 kicking off July 21 in Buffalo, NY and Leg 2 kicking off September 14 in Mesa, AZ. The third leg was announced August 23, 2010 and kicked off November 1, 2010 in Dallas, TX. This was a predominately US tour with a couple of Canadian dates. The Baltimore, MD show for July 27, 2010 was postponed shortly after going on sale and replaced with a Sayreville, NJ show instead. The backdrop for this tour was made up of images of the exclusive paintings the band had created for sale in their platinum album packages made available to fans. Local openers were also used for this tour, and a full list of them can be found on the 2010 tour page.

Number of Dates: 55
Associated Album: Shout It Out
Songs first performed live: Merry Christmas Baby
Covers performed: Oh Darling, Hold On I'm Coming, It's a Long Way To The Top, Dancing In The Streets, Let's Get It On, Roll With It, Change In My Life, Rip It Up, Magic Carpet Ride, Isaac Quit The Band, Long Train Runnin', Ghostbusters, Love Me, The Weight
Unreleased songs performed: The Ugly Truth, Leave The Light On
Openers: Rooney, A Rocket To The Moon, Jarrod Gorbel
Special Guests: Dave Barnes & Matt Wertz, Stephen Kellogg & Goose

Musical Ride Tour

After experimenting with setlist voting for encores during the Shout It Out tour, Hanson announced the Musical Ride tour on July 5, 2011, set to kick off September 3, 2011. For this tour, 3 albums would be up for vote on their website and the album which got the most votes would be played in the setlist in its entirety, with other singles and fan favorites mixed in. For this tour, most dates had a limited edition screen printed poster numbered from 1 to 25 created by Zac for the event. (A list of which albums were up for vote and which won can be found on the 2011 tour page. Screen printed poster images where available can also be found on that page. The tour was supposed to kick off in Silverlake, CA at Sunset Junction but the show was canceled due to permit issues. The October 11 show in Portland, ME was cut short due to band illness and the following shows in Albany, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Dallas, TX were also canceled.

Number of Dates: 40
Associated Album: Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk, Shout It Out
Songs first performed live:
Covers performed: Love Me, Tonight's The First Night, Super Freak, U Can't Touch This, Troublemaker, Let's Get It On, How I Roll
Unreleased songs performed:
Openers: Meiko, Charlie Mars

Shout It Out International Tour

The International leg of the Shout It Out tour was in the fall of 2011 and went to South America, Mexico and Europe. (Announced July 11, 2011) The second leg was in early 2012 and went to Canada and Philippines. The previous US dates that had been canceled on the musical ride tour were made up as a part of this tour. The concert in Nelson, BC was canceled. In September, the tour went to Australia.

Number of Dates: 42
Associated Album: Shout It Out
Songs first performed live: My Favorite Christmas Sweater
Covers performed: Love Me, Change In My Life, Oh Darling, Cecilia, Let's Get It On, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Ain't No Sunshine, It's a Long Way To The Top
Unreleased songs performed: Being Me, Need You Now, Sunny Day, Never Let Go, Get Out Of My Heart, No Sleep For Banditos
Openers: Meiko, Carly Rae Jepsen, Travis Gray, Jesse Ruben, Joanna Burns, Robin Nievaera, Matt Wertz

ANTHEM World Tour

The ANTHEM world tour was announced in April 2013 with shows kicking off in June. The tour kicked off with a 2 night stint at New York City's Irving Plaza for an album release show and the bands 21st birthday show. The official tour kick off was July 18 in South America and dates in the USA throughout the rest of the summer and fall and ended in Europe in December. The tour had 9 dates in Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

Number of Dates: 77
Associated Album: Anthem
Songs first performed live: Scream and Be Free, Fired Up, Juliet, Cut Right Through Me, Tonight, For Your Love, Already Home, Lost Without You, Save Me From Myself, Tragic Symphony, Get So Low, On and On, Call Out My Name, Sound of Light
Covers performed: Change In My Life, Let's Get It On, Never Been To Spain, National Anthem, Happy Together, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, Ain't No Sunshine, Cecilia, It's a Long Way To The Top, Too Much Heaven, Livin La Vida Loca
Unreleased songs performed: On and On, Be My Own, No Sleep For Banditos, Get So Low, Never Let Go, Call Out My Name, Sound of Light, Need You Now, Bittersweet, Roller Coaster Love, Sunny Day
Openers: Paul McDonald, David Ryan Harris, Sion Russell Jones, Adam Martin, Jamie McDell

Roots & Rock 'N' Roll Tour

After the release of their "Roots and Rock 'N' Roll" EP, Hanson did a special tour of 2 nights in 10 cities in the US and Canada. This tour was announced in June 2015 and kicked off in October. This tour was unique in that the first night was mostly cover songs with a few Hanson tunes thrown in and the second night was mostly Hanson songs with a few cover songs thrown in.

Number of Dates: 20
Associated Album: Roots & Rock 'N' Roll EP
Songs first performed live: No new original songs
Covers performed: Twist and Shout, Shake a Tail Feather, I Want To Take You Higher, Hold On I'm Coming, You May Be Right, Movin' Out, God Only Knows, Stand By Me, Me and Julio Down by The Schoolyard, Cecilia, Dancing in the Streets, Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours, Chain of Fools, Never Been To Spain, Desire, I Believe In A Thing Called Love, Thinking Out Loud, Whole Lotta Love, Remember the Time, I Want You Back, Kate, A Song For You, High Voltage, Love Me, In A Little While, Teach Your Children, Delta Lady, It's a Long Way To The Top, Let's Get It On, The Weight
Unreleased songs performed: Sound of Light, Roller Coaster Love
Openers: Paul McDonald, Carrick

Middle of Everywhere Tour

For the band's 25th anniversary (and 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album Middle of Nowhere) the band embarked on their Middle of Everywhere World Tour. This tour was announced March 2017 and kicked off in June 2017 in Europe, then headed to Australia, New Zealand, South America, and ended the year in the US and Canada. The show in Lima, Peru was canceled due to logistical reasons.

Number of Dates: 61
Associated Album: Middle of Everywhere - Greatest Hits
Songs first performed live: I Was Born, Finally It's Christmas
Covers performed: Rockin Robin, Johnny B Goode, I'm a Man / Gimme Some Lovin' / Long Train Runnin', It's a Long Way To The Top, Too Much Heaven, In a Little While, Wildflowers, White Christmas, Never Been To Spain
Unreleased songs performed: On and On, I Don't Want To Go Home, Roller Coaster Love
Openers: Lewis Watson, The Hunting Birds, Jason Singh, Nomad, Norwayy, Joystick
Special Guests: Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night

Finally It's Christmas Live Tour

Finally It's Christmas Live was a short tour with only 8 dates announced September 2017 and kicking off in November 2017 in the USA, Canada and a date in England. Over the course of the tour, all songs from Snowed In and Finally It's Christmas were performed live.

Number of Dates: 8
Associated Album: Finally It's Christmas
Songs first performed live: What Christmas Means To Me, Wonderful Christmas Time, Come On It's Christmas, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Little Saint Nick, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), At Christmas, Someday at Christmas, Peace on Earth, Blue Christmas, Please Come Home For Christmas, Christmas Time, Joy To The Mountain, Silent Night Medley, Winter Wonderland, All I Want For Christmas Is You, 'Til New Years Night, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Happy Christmas
Covers performed: ^ see above
Unreleased songs performed: None
Openers: None
Special Guests: Mark Hudson

String Theory Tour

In 2018 and 2019 Hanson embarked on The String Theory tour - 26 years in the making. Their songs were released on a double album along with orchestra recordings. The setlist told a story and included previously unreleased tracks as well as member's only tracks now released to the public. This tour was in the US and Canada in 2018 and Europe, Australia and select US dates in 2019. While 2019 may have been the end of the tour for now, the guys have said that since the music has been charted they can take it out and perform it whenever they find an interested orchestra so it may not be the last of this tour.

Number of Dates: 37
Associated Album: String Theory
Songs first performed live: Reaching for the Sky (Part 1 and Part 2), Dream It Do It, Battle Cry, Breaktown(~publicly)
Covers performed: None
Unreleased songs performed: None
Openers: None

Wintry Mix Tour

In November/December 2019, Hanson went on the "Wintry Mix Tour". The setlist contained preview songs from their upcoming album, "Against the World", Christmas songs and fan favorites. The tour was announced September 13, 2019 and kicked off November 20, 2019.

Number of Dates: 16
Associated Album: Preview for Against The World
Songs first performed live:Serious Woman, One, Better Man, Don't Ever Change, Annalie, Against the World
Covers performed: None
Unreleased songs performed:Serious Woman, One, Better Man, Don't Ever Change, Annalie, Against the World, Missing Needing Wanting You
Openers: Joshua & the Holy Rollers, Paul McDonald
* - totals based on number of shows in the database, which may not be all shows ever performed by the band.