About the Site

A lot of people are curious about how this all started.
Somehow, many years ago, on Hanson.net the topic got to an interest in different ticket stubs. Laura (bulletmars) and I (lilzacbop) both mentioned how we had an interest in seeing all the different ticket stubs. I had been collecting various ones on and off for quite some time, though most of my collection got wiped out with computer crashes or moves to new computers.
The conversation evolved into creating an archive of all the ticket stubs for Hanson's tours. We figured this would be almost impossible, considering all the promotional shows the band has done. However, I am quite impressed with the amount of fans who were willing to help out with this project and the progress the site had made in such short time. Jessica of Hanson Merchandise agreed to host the project, and thus the ticket archive was born. We started off as HansonTickets.com and as the site evolved to include more information about the shows and including setlists, etc. we became Hansonstage.com.
This site will never be finished. As long as Hanson keeps touring, there will continue to be ticketstubs and concerts to archive. We're just hoping traditional style tickets don't get totally phased out. ;)

About the Owner

Hansonstage.com is owned and mantained by me, Katie. If you are on Hanson.net, you may know me better as lilzacbop or the Connecticut Street Team Leader. But this site wouldn't be what it is today without the help and cooperation of so many fans who have sent in setlists, ticket scans, helped out with blog features and of course everyone who continues to visit the site!

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