Fool's Banquet

A Part Of Me
Anybody Out There
Beam Me Up
Believe In Someone
Big City Blues
Blow Me Away
Bring Up The Sunshine
Broke Down in the Basement
Catching Up To You
Crime Of Passion
Cutting Corners on a Circle
Do This Every Day
Don't Shine on Me
Don't Tell Anyone
Either Side
Even When You're Gone
French Braid
Gimme Gimme Love
Going South
Gonna Let This Girl Go
Goodbye George
Hit They Hey
Hopes and Dreams
I Came Around
I Wanna Get Close To you
I Want to Dance With You
I'm a Fool
Is Anybody Out There
It Feels Right
It Just Ain't Cool
It's Magic
Jump The Wall
Just Wake Up
Keep On Keepin' On
Late One Night
Let Me Love You
Life On Earth
Lift Me Up
Lois Lane
Lot to Love Me
Love Is Worth The Fight
Love You More
Modern Compromise
Monday Morning
My Chains
My Favorite Shoes
One More Day Without You
Our Time
Place Beside You
Play With Me
Radio Goodnight
Ready To Go
Rest in Peace
Rise & Fall
Say It Isn't Love
Send Me to the Fields
She Is Love
She's Got The Best Of Me
She's Heavy Metal
She's Saying It Now
Silent Ride
Silver Lining
Since I Found Love
Smoke In The Gun
Soldier On
Someone Else
Song For Jim
Soon You're Gonna Find Out
Standing With You
Stereo Swing Low
Sting Like a B
Story Of Your Life
Sugar Magic
Take Back Your Dreams
Tell Me Something
Terry the Tiny Soldier
The Answer
The Hardest Thing
The Road to California
The Space Between
This is Criminal
To Bind It All
Turn Up The Rain
Upside Down
Wasting Away
Who Are You (To Love Me)
You Make Me Sing
You're Not The Only One