Date Tour Location Venue
Tix Set

March 10 Promo Orlando, FL National Association of Recording Merchandisers Convention
May 07 Promo Paramus, NJ Paramus Park Mall
May 10 Promo Los Angeles, CA Sam Goody
June 08 Promo Los Angeles, CA A Time for Heroes Pediatric AIDS Foundation
June 12 Promo Detroit, MI Handleman Convention
June 13 Promo Oklahoma City, OK Frontier City
June 19 Promo Charlotte, NC Kiss No Dough Concert
June 27 Promo East Rutherford, NJ The Meadowlands
     Presented by WPLJ
June 27 Promo Bloomington, MN Mall of America
     KDWB Jam Against Hunger
August 01 Promo Sydney, NSW Harbour Hysteria
August 02 Promo Melbourne, VIC Southland Shopping Center
August 16 Promo Toronto, ON YTV Canadas Wonderland
August 23 Promo Flushing, NY Arthur Ashe Kids Day
August 28 Promo New York, NY Beacon Theater
October 18 Promo Miami, FL Joe Robbie Stadium
October 30 Appearance Chicago, IL B96 Halloween Bash
November 11 Promo Columbus, OH City Center Mall
November 16 Appearance Hollywood, FL Y100s Wing Ding
November 18 Promo Grapevine, TX Grapevine Mills Mall
November 18 Promo Kansas City, MO Ward Parkway Mall (Parking Lot)
November 19 Promo Columbus, OH City Center Mall
November 20 Promo Philadelphia, PA Q102 Radio
November 22 Promo Atlanta, GA Celebrity Cafe
December 09 Appearance New York, NY Z100 Jingle Ball
December 10 Promo Boston, MA Mama Kin Music Club
December 10 Appearance Boston, MA Acoustic Kissmas The Avalon
December 17 Appearance Anaheim, CA Knotts Merry Farm
December 19 Promo East Rutherford, NJ MMMBop Ball Meadowlands Convention Center

Hanson played 28 shows in 1997

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