Lead Singer: Unknown

Of the 758 songs in the database, 141 are performed by Unknown
* - indicates a song has not been performed live

Middle of Nowhere

This Time Around

Snowed In

Three Car Garage

Live From Albertane


The Walk

Take The Walk EP

Shout It Out


Live and Electric

Underneath Acoustic

Stand Up Stand Up

Digital Pants

Super Digital Pants

Roots and Rock N Roll EP

Princess Diaries

Jack Frost

Malcolm in the Middle

Van Wilder

Strong Enough to Break

The Beginnings (1993)



Watch Me Bleed (2003)

2004 Kit

Never Let Go (2005)

2006 Kit

Watershed (2007)

Leave The Light On (2008)

Fools Gold (2009)

Time & Trouble (2010)

Facing the Blank Page (2011)

No Sleep for Banditos (2012)

Sound of Light (2013)

Music Made For Humans (2014)

Inside the Box (2015)


Loud (2016)


Time Machine (2024)

Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows Covers

Make a Sound

Middle of Everywhere - The Greatest Hits

In Color (2017)

The Machine

Animal Instincts (2018)

Daydreams In The Night (1992)

Trinity For Christ (1994)

String Theory

In Real Life (2019)

Edible Digital Pants

Against The World

Black Mesa

Continental Breakfast In Bed (2020)


Finally It's Christmas

Crossroads (2021)

Black Wall Street Music Project

Red Green Blue

White Rabbit (2022)

Ambient (2023)

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0

Sleeping With The Light On
Night Driver

For Women Life Freedom

Underneath: Complete


Guns and Bacon*
It's Alright, It's Ok*
Now I See*
Ready To Run*
She's Got Time*
Take It All Away*
Time Will Tell*
You Can Dream It*
You Said*
Our Time Now
Start Working Harder*
Free Girl*
While You're Gone*
O Little Town of Bethlehem*
Cade O Armor*
Dangerous Times*
Forever a Try*
I'm Ready To Run*
Let This Girl Go*
Melting My Heart*
Save it For a Rainy Day*
If You Want My Love*
Love or Oblivion*
Tell Me*
Gone to Mexico*
My Life Is On Fire


Sunshine Of Your Love
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Gonna Make You Love Me
Honey Bee
Trust Me
Hang On Sloopy
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
Spanish Castle Magic
Hard Travelin
This Land Is Your Land
Not Fade Away
I Know You Rider
On The Road Again
One More Saturday Night
All Along The Watchtower
If I Were a Carpenter
Stranger in a Strange Land
Oklahoma Nights
The Highwayman
Up Up And Away
Like A Rolling Stone
It's Ok*
Fun, Fun, Fun
Sweet Home Oklahoma
Achy Breaky Heart*
Cum On Feel The Noise*
Ice Ice Baby*
It's All Gonna Be Fine
Hey Hey
Barbara Ann
Do Wa Diddy*
Do You Love Me*
For The Longest Time*
Invisible Touch*
Low Rider*
I'm A Man of Constant Sorrow*
Don't Worry Be Happy
You Wreck Me
Tell Me Why
Sleeping With The Light On
Night Driver
I Can't Make You Love Me
One More Last Chance
Island in the Sun
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Forever and Ever Amen
Little Green Apples
King of the Road
Humble Pie
If I Were a Carpenter
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Back to the Island (Leon)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Young Blood
Pink Cadillac

Fool's Banquet

Anybody Out There*
A Part Of Me*
Believe In Someone*
Big City Blues*
Catching Up To You*
Gimme Gimme Love*
Hit They Hey*
I'm a Fool*
It Feels Right*
Lot to Love Me*
Love You More*
Our Time*
Place Beside You*
Radio Goodnight*
Rest in Peace*
Since I Found Love*
Someone Else*
Silver Lining*
The Answer*
Who Are You (To Love Me)*
Wasting Away*