January 06, 2017 Runaway Bay, Jamaica Jewel Paradise Cove - SOLOs

Opener(s): Andrew Ripp John Fullbright

River (Isaac solo)
Smile (Isaac solo)
Two Tears (Isaac solo)
A Life Without You (Isaac solo)
So Lovely (Isaac solo)
Next Train (Isaac solo)
Call Me (Isaac solo)
Beautiful Eyes (Isaac solo)
More Than Anything (Isaac solo)
Too Much (Isaac solo)
Deeper (Isaac solo)
Hallelujah / Amazing Grace (Isaac solo)
I've Been Down (Taylor solo)
Make It Out Alive (Taylor solo)
Love Somebody To Know (Taylor solo)
Cut Right Through Me (Taylor solo)
Be My Own (Taylor solo)
Never Let Go (Taylor solo)
I Will Come To You (Taylor solo)
Breaktown (Taylor solo)
Runaway Run (Taylor solo)
Get The Girl Back (Taylor solo)
You Never Know (Taylor solo)
Tonight (Taylor solo)
Happy Birthday (Taylor solo)
Get Up And Go (Taylor solo)
Save Me (Taylor solo)
Follow Your Lead (Taylor solo)
Chasing Down My Dreams (Zac solo)
Fire On The Mountain (Zac solo)
Siren Call (Zac solo)
Juliet (Zac solo)
Go (Zac solo)
No Sleep For Banditos (Zac solo)
What Are We Fighting For (Zac solo)
Save Me From Myself (Zac solo)
Bittersweet (Zac solo)
Do You Believe In Love (Zac solo)
Get So Low (Zac solo)