Livin on Tulsa Time

Livin on Tulsa Time was performed at the following shows:

September 24, 1998   Tulsa, OK    Mabee Center
May 20, 2005   Tulsa, OK    Mayfest
May 25, 2005   Gold Coast, QLD    Seagulls
June 4, 2005   Adelaide, SA    Thebarton Theatre
September 20, 2008   Tulsa, OK    QuikTrip Anniversary
May 18, 2014   Tulsa, OK    The Hop Jam
May 17, 2015   Tulsa, OK    The Hop Jam

Livin on Tulsa Time has been performed live 7 times

M -as part of a medley I - Isaac solo T - Taylor solo Z - Zac solo S - part of String Theory V - Virtual