Never Performed Live

Of the 573 songs in the database, 153 have never been performed live

Middle of Nowhere

This Time Around

Snowed In

Three Car Garage

Day Has Come
Surely As The Sun

Live From Albertane


The Walk

Take The Walk EP

Shout It Out


Pleasure With The Pain
Nothing On Me

Live and Electric

Underneath Acoustic

Stand Up Stand Up

Digital Pants

Turning 21
Back in Japan
When You Get Your Kit
I Want a Robot (Birthday 23)
New Years Song 2009 (This Years Going My Way)
An Evening At The Big Top
Robot Alarm (Birthday 24)
Refresh (Gospel)
Jet Lag
Hear Those Jingle Bells

Super Digital Pants

Digging to China
Romance with a Robot
My Mind Is Exploding
Launch Time
The Golden Rule
Monster Jam
Signs of Life
More To Love
Choo Choo Trains Of Thought
Hey Christina

Roots and Rock N Roll EP

Princess Diaries

Jack Frost

Malcolm in the Middle

Van Wilder

Strong Enough to Break

I Almost Care
Let You Go
My Own Sweet Time

The Beginnings (1993)

The Beginnings (He Died On The Cross)
Wake Up In The Night (I Need You Lord)
Some People Say (Love From Above)
Star of Wonder
Baby Avie
Pick Me Up
Rap Your Heart Away (Rock Her Heart Away)
Funny Bunny
I Dont Think So
New New Thang (God Is Doing a New Thing)


Poison Ivy
Lonely Boy
Don't Accuse
The Love You Save


Day Has Come
Surely As The Sun
Something New
Baby You're So Fine

Watch Me Bleed (2003)

2004 Kit

Song For Natalie Portman

Never Let Go (2005)

2006 Kit

Watershed (2007)

Leave The Light On (2008)

Fools Gold (2009)

I Can't Wait
All I Have To Give
Take My Time

Time & Trouble (2010)

Facing the Blank Page (2011)

No Sleep for Banditos (2012)

Sound of Light (2013)

Music Made For Humans (2014)

Inside the Box (2015)

Don't Hide Your Tears


Marshmallow Lover
We're Gonna Find Out

Loud (2016)


Middle of Everywhere - The Greatest Hits

In Color (2017)

The Machine

The Machine

Animal Instincts (2018)

Daydreams In The Night (1992)

Daydreams in the Night
Magic Of Love
Pick Me Up
Splish Splash

Trinity For Christ (1994)

Medley of Love Songs
It's Time
Standin' On The Rock
I Dont Think So
Why'd You Have To Go
Don't Accuse
Mackie Baby
Tell Me About It
I Wanted To Get To Know You

String Theory

In Real Life (2019)

Edible Digital Pants

I Hate Vegetables
The Ice Cream Man
Milkshake Mondays
Sugar High
Where You Want To Go For Dinner

Against The World

Only Love

Black Mesa

Continental Breakfast In Bed (2020)

Dressed In Brown Eyes
Miss You Like Crazy
Begin Again
All I Know


Finally It's Christmas


Guns and Bacon
Faded Heart
Glimmering Girl
Half As Bad As You
It's Alright, It's Ok
Just a Word Away
Leave It At That
Live For Me
Make Believe
Make It All Right
Never Love Again
Now I See
One More Time
One Way Ticket
Ready To Run
She's Got Time
Sun and Sky
Take It All Away
Time Will Tell
We All Know
Wondering Why
You Can Dream It
You Don't Know Me
You Got What You Wanted
You Said
Goodnight Eyes
You've Got To Love Somebody
Voting Zac for President
Sound Like Joy
I Don't Want To Stay Home
Start Working Harder
Free Girl
While You're Gone


Everyday People
Splish Splash
Furry Walls
Wait and Bleed
Oh Holy Night
Sign Of The Times
Bye Bye Love
It's Ok
Achy Breaky Heart
Cum On Feel The Noise
Ice Ice Baby
Barbara Ann
Do Wa Diddy
Do You Love Me
For The Longest Time

Fool's Banquet

Anybody Out There
A Part Of Me
Just Wake Up
Bring Up The Sunshine
Broke Down in the Basement
Either Side
Goodbye George
It Just Ain't Cool
It's Magic
Modern Compromise
My Favorite Shoes
One More Day Without You
Silent Ride
Silver Lining
Story Of Your Life
The Hardest Thing
The Space Between
You're Not The Only One
Crime Of Passion