Lead Singer: Other

Of the 758 songs in the database, 57 are performed by Other
* - indicates a song has not been performed live

Middle of Nowhere

This Time Around

Snowed In

Three Car Garage

Live From Albertane


The Walk

Take The Walk EP

Shout It Out


Live and Electric

Underneath Acoustic

Stand Up Stand Up

Digital Pants

Super Digital Pants

Roots and Rock N Roll EP

Princess Diaries

Jack Frost

Malcolm in the Middle

Van Wilder

Strong Enough to Break

The Beginnings (1993)



Watch Me Bleed (2003)

2004 Kit

Never Let Go (2005)

2006 Kit

Watershed (2007)

Leave The Light On (2008)

Fools Gold (2009)

Time & Trouble (2010)

Facing the Blank Page (2011)

No Sleep for Banditos (2012)

Sound of Light (2013)

Music Made For Humans (2014)

Inside the Box (2015)


Loud (2016)


Time Machine (2024)

Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows Covers

Middle of Everywhere - The Greatest Hits

In Color (2017)

The Machine

Animal Instincts (2018)

Daydreams In The Night (1992)

Trinity For Christ (1994)

String Theory

In Real Life (2019)

Edible Digital Pants

Against The World

Black Mesa

Continental Breakfast In Bed (2020)


Finally It's Christmas

Crossroads (2021)

Black Wall Street Music Project

Red Green Blue

White Rabbit (2022)

Ambient (2023)

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0

For Women Life Freedom

Underneath: Complete



Fool's Banquet

Just Wake Up*
Broke Down in the Basement*
Either Side*
Do This Every Day*
Don't Shine on Me*
Don't Tell Anyone*
Goodbye George*
Going South*
I Came Around*
It Just Ain't Cool*
I Want to Dance With You*
It's Magic*
Is Anybody Out There*
Lift Me Up*
Let Me Love You*
Lois Lane*
Modern Compromise*
Monday Morning*
One More Day Without You*
Send Me to the Fields*
She's Saying It Now*
Soldier On*
Silent Ride*
Soon You're Gonna Find Out*
Song For Jim
Story Of Your Life*
Stereo Swing Low*
The Road to California*
The Hardest Thing*
To Bind It All*
The Space Between*
Turn Up The Rain*
Cutting Corners on a Circle*
You're Not The Only One*
Terry the Tiny Soldier*
Beam Me Up*
Ready To Go*
Love Is Worth The Fight*
My Chains*
Rise & Fall*
Smoke In The Gun*
Standing With You*
Sugar Magic*
French Braid*
Hopes and Dreams*
Jump The Wall*
Play With Me*
Say It Isn't Love*
She Is Love*
She's Got The Best Of Me*
She's Heavy Metal*
Sting Like a B*