Hanson shows in Alberta

September 12, 2008    Calgary, AB    MacEwan Hall Ballroom    (Walk Around The World Tour)
September 13, 2008    Edmonton, AB    Edmonton Civic Center    (Walk Around The World Tour)
January 27, 2012    Sherwood Park, AB    Festival Place    (Shout It Out International Tour)
January 28, 2012    Calgary, AB    Deerfoot Inn & Casino    (Shout It Out International Tour)
October 05, 2013    Calgary, AB    Chrome Showroom    (ANTHEM World Tour)
October 07, 2013    Sherwood Park, AB    Festival Place    (ANTHEM World Tour)
July 09, 2019    Calgary, AB    Calgary Stampede    (Promo)
October 15, 2021    Edmonton, AB    Commonwealth Stadium    (Promo)
August 23, 2022    Calgary, AB    The Palace Theater    (Red Green Blue Tour)
August 24, 2022    Edmonton, AB    Midway    (Red Green Blue Tour)

Alberta Hanson show stats:
Shows: 10

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