January 08, 2015 Cancun, Mexico Golden Parnassus Resort & Spa - Solos

Opener(s): None

Call Out My Name (Zac solo)
Get So Low (Zac solo)
Wait Here For You (Zac solo)
Juliet (Zac solo)
On and On (Zac solo)
Bittersweet (Zac solo)
Fire On The Mountain (Zac solo)
Musical Ride (Zac solo)
River (Isaac solo)
A Minute Without You (Isaac solo)
Two Tears (Isaac solo)
Being Me (Isaac solo)
Ordinary Words (Isaac solo)
Deeper (Isaac solo)
More Than Anything (Isaac solo)
Someone (Isaac solo)
Smile (Isaac solo)
Best of Times (Isaac solo)
Be My Own (Taylor solo)
Believe (Taylor solo)
Never Let Go (Taylor solo)
Get Out Of My Heart (Taylor solo)
Sometimes (Taylor & Isaac)
Sunny Day (Taylor & Isaac)
Runaway Run (Taylor solo)
All I Ever Needed (Taylor solo)
I've Been Down (Taylor solo)
Voice in the Chorus (Taylor solo)
Make It Out Alive (Taylor solo)