January 12, 2014 Negril, Jamaica Main Beach - Solos

Opener(s): None

Make It Out Alive (Taylor solo)
Kiss Me When You Come Home (Taylor solo)
Weird (Taylor solo)
When You're Gone (Taylor solo)
Be My Own (Taylor solo)
Every Word I Say (Taylor solo)
Get Up And Go (Taylor solo)
This Is The Jam (Zac solo)
Letters in the Mailbox (Zac solo)
Chasing Down My Dreams (Zac solo)
Fire On The Mountain (Zac solo)
Broken Angel (Zac solo)
Bittersweet (Zac solo)
I Am (Zac solo)
Get So Low (Zac solo)
Devils Nachos (Zac solo)
River (Isaac solo)
A Minute Without You (Isaac solo)
So Lovely (Isaac solo)
More Than Anything (Isaac solo)
Call Me (Isaac solo)
Rain (Isaac solo)
Someone (Isaac solo)
Deeper (Isaac solo)
Too Young To Kill (Isaac solo)
Best of Times (Isaac solo)