January 06, 2016 Runaway Bay, Jamaica Jewel Paradise Cove - Solos

Opener(s): None

Give Me Your Best Shot (Zac solo)
Juliet (Zac solo)
I Am (Zac solo)
Broken Angel (Zac solo)
Lucy (Zac solo)
Bittersweet (Zac solo)
On and On (Zac solo)
No Sleep For Banditos (Zac solo)
Get So Low (Zac solo)
Up All Night (Zac solo)
Every Word I Say (Taylor solo)
Kiss Me When You Come Home (Taylor solo)
Crazy Beautiful (Taylor solo)
Take Our Chances (Taylor solo)
Look At You (Taylor solo)
Dying To Be Alive (Taylor solo)
Weird (Taylor solo)
I've Been Down (Taylor solo)
Sunny Day (Taylor solo)
Best of Times (Isaac solo)
Two Tears (Isaac solo)
A Life Without You (Isaac solo)
So Lovely (Isaac solo)
Leave the Light On (Isaac solo)
Next Train (Isaac solo)
Being Me (Isaac solo)
Grace Unknown (Isaac solo)
More Than Anything (Isaac solo)
Smile (Isaac solo)
Sometimes (Isaac solo)
River (Isaac solo)